Psalm 24 8 Commentary

Psalm 24 8 Commentary
Psalm 24 8 Commentary

Psalm 24 8 Commentary: Now the question is posed in verse 8 as to the identity of this king of glory.

8 Who is this [King of glory/majestic king]?


The LORD [who is…] strong and mighty,
the LORD [who is…] mighty in battle.

Who is this King of glory?The Lordstrong and mighty
The Lordmighty in battle

Who this the king of the glory? Yahweh powerful and strong. Yahweh strong battle.

Psalm 24 8 Commentary Yahweh is the King of Glory!

So, it’s Yahweh who is entering into the place that David prepared for him.

Strong and Mighty!

And he’s strong and mighty. He’s like a warrior. In both accounts of the Ark entering Jerusalem – in 2 Samuel 6 and 1 Chronicles 15 – in the chapters that precede those chapters we see David defeating all of his military enemies. And surely David would have attributed that success to the Lord whose presence he enjoyed. And so, I think that’s why David mentions the Lord’s military might and power here in this song.

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