Psalm 24 7 Meaning

Psalm 24 7 Meaning
Psalm 24 7 Meaning

Psalm 24 7 Meaning: In verses 7 through 10 we have this climactic identification of the one who is entering through these gates and doors.

7 [Lift up your heads/Look up], O ye gates;
and be [ye lift/lifted] [i.e., rise…] up, ye [everlasting/ancient] doors;

[and/that] the [King of glory/majestic king] [shall/may/will] [come in/enter].

Lift up your headsO ye gates
And be ye lift upye everlasting doorsand the King of glory shall come in

Lift, gates, your heads. Be lifted, ancient doorways. And he will go in, the king of glory.

Psalm 24 7 Meaning
Pay Attention!

So, the gates and doors are summoned to pay attention. No common ordinary person is drawing near. It is the King of Glory coming and entering into the building of which they’re a part.

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