Where Was Jeremiah Born?

Where Was Jeremiah Born
Where Was Jeremiah Born

As Jeremiah 1:1 and Jeremiah 29:27 state, Jeremiah was born in the city of Anathoth.

But how much do you know about that place? Let’s consider a few facts about Anathoth that might just surprise you.

Anathoth’s Location

Anathoth was a city in the territory of Benjamin.

Anathoth’s Ownership

Anathoth was a city originally given over to the Levites by Joshua as is recorded in the book bearing his name (Joshua 21:17-18). The record of that transaction is also attested to in 1 Chronicles 6:60.

The Origin of Anathoth’s Name

Like many cities in Israel, this one was named after a person. Anathoth was actually the son of a man named Becher (1 Chronicles 7:6,8). And Becher was the son of Benjamin.

So the family tree goes…

  1. Benjamin
  2. Becher
  3. Anathoth

Anathoth’s Notable Residents


Abiathar the priest in King David’s time also lived in Anathoth (1 Kings 2:26).


Abiezer the Anathothite was one of David’s thirty mighty men (2 Samuel 23:27 and 1 Chronicles 11:28). He was not a priest, but was a Benjamite commander of the army under David (1 Chronicles 27:1,12).


Jehu, who was from Anathoth, joined David’s army in Ziklag when David was being pursued by Saul (1 Chronicles 12:3).

Anathoth in the Book of Jeremiah

God promises judgement on the men of this city in Jeremiah’s time because they were threatening Jeremiah’s life (Jeremiah 11:21,23).

God later commanded Jeremiah to buy a field in Anathoth about one year before he exiled Judah by means of the nation of Babylon (Jeremiah 32:7-9). By this act of purchasing a field there, the Lord was indicating that he would restore Judah to their land in the future (Jeremiah 32:15).

Anathoth’s Restoration

After the seventy years of Judah’s exile in Babylon, 128 men from Judah returned to Anathoth (Ezra 2:23; Nehemiah 7:27; Nehemiah 11:31-32).

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