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Psalm 4 Commentary

Psalm 4

This is our lesson studying the Psalms. We started last time studying a sub-set of psalms known as lament or complaint psalms. Last week we dealt with Psalm 3. Now we’ll move one psalm further onto Psalm 4. Psalm 4’s Genre We’re again talking about a lament Psalm. So we can expect a certain type of structure in […]

Psalm 3 Commentary

Psalm 3

Let’s study Psalm 3! Psalm 3: Genre First, we’ll talk about the genre of Psalm 3. What kind of poem is it? Well, it’s what we call a lament Psalm. You could also call it a complaint Psalm. And this kind of Psalm accounts for about 1/3 of the entire book of Psalms. So just […]

An Introduction to Psalms & Biblical Poetry

Intro to Biblical Poetry

So, we find ourselves in a new teaching series. I originally planned to teach through Genesis at this point. I was taking an online course on the Pentateuch from Maranatha to gear up for that. But then my appendix ruptured and I ended up missing 2 of the 8 weeks of that class and had to […]

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