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Jeremiah 52 Summary

Jeremiah 52 Image

Today we finish the book of Jeremiah. What we started 57 lessons ago in January of 2016 we will Lord willing finish today! We spent the last two lessons on God’s promise to destroy proud Babylon in chapters 50 and 51. But last time we ended at verse 58 of chapter 51. So we’ll pick […]

Jeremiah 51 Commentary

Today we’ll finish God’s message of judgement against Babylon. That message started at the beginning of chapter 50 and now ends in verse 58 of chapter 51. 58 verses. One message. With God’s help! I would start by noting that God thinks this is an important message. Chapter 50 featured 46 verses on this topic […]

Jeremiah 50 Commentary

We’re almost to the end of the section in Jeremiah where God has been declaring judgement on the unrepentant nations of Jeremiah’s day. And this judgement would be meted out by the nation of Babylon. But today in chapter 50 we’re going to see that after God used Babylon to punish the known-world of Jeremiah’s […]

Jeremiah 49 Commentary

Jeremiah 49 Commentary Ammon and Edom Turn to Jeremiah 49. We continue the section in Jeremiah that has God promising judgement for several nations of Jeremiah’s time. They had not submitted to God’s authority – oftentimes by not submitting to Babylon. And therefore they would not “live.” Just like what happened to Judah. And in […]

Jeremiah 48 Commentary

Moab (48:1-20) Now, for the entirety of chapter 48 – all 47 verses of it! – we have God’s message of judgement for Moab. Intro (48:1a) We’re given an introduction to this message at the beginning of verse 1. 48:1 ¶ Against Moab thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; Now, Moab was […]

Jeremiah 47 Summary

Jeremiah 47 Summary

Jeremiah 47 Summary: Jeremiah chapter 47 is directed against the nation known as the Philistines – as we can see in verse 1. KJV Jeremiah 47:1 ¶ The word of the LORD that came to Jeremiah the prophet [against/concerning] the Philistines, before that Pharaoh [smote/struck down/attacked] Gaza. And the date of this oracle was probably 609 […]

Jeremiah 46 Commentary

Jeremiah 46 Commentary Image

Jeremiah 46 Commentary: Turn to Jeremiah, chapter 46. As we enter the 46th chapter of the book of Jeremiah we come to the second-to-last major section of the book. We just finished witnessing the “Bitter End of Judah” in chapters 36-45. Now we enter the section of the book that runs from chapters 46-51 that […]

Jeremiah 45 5 Meaning

Jeremiah 45 5 Meaning Fate of Baruch But then the Lord presents another fate. In verse 5 he promises a certain fate to Baruch. And he’s going to hear God promise him a fate that is in stark contrast to that of the destruction that’s coming to the world. Jeremiah 45 5 Meaning Change in […]

Jeremiah 45 Baruch

Jeremiah 45 Baruch: Let’s examine the subject of this message in Jeremiah 45. His name is Baruch. And we’ve seen him before. Jeremiah 45 Baruch What We’ve Already Seen He witnessed to Jeremiah’s signing of a deed. He wrote and then delivered a message from the prophet. He was accused of stirring Jeremiah up against […]

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