Psalm 24 6 Commentary

Psalm 24 6 Commentary
Psalm 24 6 Commentary

Psalm 24 6 Commentary: Now surely a great blessing for David was that there were a number of these people who enjoyed God’s presence in David’s day, as he says in verse 6.

6 [This is the generation of them that/Such purity characterizes the people who] seek [him/his favor],
[that seek thy face/who pray to him], [O/even] Jacob [i.e., his descendants…].


This isthe generation of themthat seek him
Jacobthat seek thy face

This is the generation that seeks him, the ones seeking your face Jacob. Selah.

Psalm 24 6 Commentary Seeking God

And what that’s saying is that the Israelites who sought God’s face in the time of David were examples of this kind of behavior, thought, and speech. They seek the Lord’s face – his presence. Being descendants of Jacob, David refers to them poetically by the name of their common ancestor.

Psalm 24 Review

So, we’ve seen David reviewing the awesome power of the God whose presence we enjoy. That was Psalm 24 1 Meaning and verse 2.

Then we just got through seeing the characteristics of those who enjoy God’s presence in Psalm 24 3-5 Meaning and here in verse 6.

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