Psalm 23 6 Commentary

Psalm 23 6 Commentary
Psalm 23 6 Commentary

Psalm 23 6 Commentary: Finally at the end of Psalm 23 David ends the psalm with a note of thankful contentment in verse 6.

6 Surely [your…] goodness and [mercy/lovingkindness/faithfulness] [shall follow/will pursue] me all the days of my life:
and I will [dwell/live] in the house of the LORD for [ever/the rest of my life].

Psalm 23 6 Commentary: Goodness and Mercy Following

It’s typical that a predatory animal might follow or pursue a sheep. But what is it that David says follows and pursues him? God’s goodness and mercy (chesed). Not something bad but something very good. It pursues him. For his whole life.

Psalm 23 6 Commentary: Christ Follows Us

And for those of us who know Christ, we have this kind of never-ending relationship with the Lord that’s marked by goodness and loyal love. We have Christ’s promise to be with us always. We have the promise that he will never leave nor forsake us. We are assured of his goodness and mercy.

Psalm 23 6 Commentary: Heaven

And then the last line of verse 6 reminds us of heaven. Now, in context, the sheep here is apparently returning to the shepherd’s house. In David’s mind this is speaking of his ability to be in God’s temple in Jerusalem. For us, I suppose we could apply it to the blessings we experience in God’s church. And yet I think we can’t miss the fact that we who trust in Christ are guaranteed to be with our Good Shepherd forever. In that sense we will dwell in his house forever – not just in this life but for eternity.

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  1. This is a very impressive commenty verse by verse i fell blessed when i read it all thank you for this great effort i learnt so much from you be blessed

  2. Paul, you and I have understood something that most Christians never see. God told Gabriel to instill on Daniel wisdom and understanding. We have that available to us today and I believe He has given you that! Your commentary on Psalm 23 reveals that. While reading that it led me to know that we must “Think outside the box”. That is how the Holy Spirit speaks to me in praying and when confronted with demonic influences.
    in all that you have listened to God speaking to you, don’t ever stop listening to the “Still Voice Of The LORD!

  3. Bless you Paul

    For your dedication. I pray for your health and strength to continue teaching in a way that is unique and understandable. One word…inspiring! Especially in these times when the enemy is trying to tear us apart.
    However, the enemy forgot he was already defeated by our Lord and savior.

    In Faith

  4. Many thanks for your analysis, Sir. Have read and was so so blessed. I even used each verse’s commentary for the family’s devotion over six days. God bless and increase you Sir…

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