Psalm 1 6 Commentary

Psalm 1 6 Commentary
Psalm 1 6 Commentary

Psalm 1 6 Commentary: But what happens to the righteous? What happens to the blessed man? What’s his end? Psalm 1:6.

Psalm 1 6 Commentary: The Road

We’re back to talking about a road or path or way again – a lifestyle, as I said in the first verse of this psalm. And God knows the path or lifestyle of certain individuals – the righteous.

Psalm 1 6 Commentary: God Knows Your Path

Isn’t that picturesque? You can imagine God speaking of your life. Looking at your trials, your temptations, your struggles, your victories. And he could say, “I know what that’s like. I understand the way he’s going. I’m sympathetic with the lifestyle that that one is leading. I know it’s not perfect, but he’s headed in the right direction.

Psalm 1 6 Commentary: God Opposes the Wicked

But again we’re confronted with another contrast. The guilty also have a road or path or lifestyle. And in their case, God isn’t familiar with it. He doesn’t approve of it. It’s against him. And therefore it will be destroyed. It will perish. It’ll be no more some day.

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