Jeremiah 33 3 Meaning

Jeremiah 33 3 Meaning
Jeremiah 33 3 Meaning

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Jeremiah 33 3 Meaning | Intro

And now that he’s reminded Jeremiah of who he is and what he’s truly able to do, verse 3…

3 Call unto me [in prayer…], and I will answer thee, and [shew/tell] thee great and [mighty/hidden/mysterious] things, which thou [knowest/have known/still x know about] not.

Jeremiah 33 3 Meaning | Context

Now, in context this is God encouraging Jeremiah to pray so that he could continue to declare to Jeremiah the wonderful blessings that he had in store for Israel.

Jeremiah 33 3 Meaning | Can We Use It?

How do we appropriate this verse? Can we?

I think we can. We can take away from this verse the fact that God encourages his people to pray for blessings. It’s OK to ask God for good things – for mercy – for forgiveness.

Jeremiah 33 3 Meaning | Praying for God’s Will

And it’s always a good thing to pray to God that he would accomplish things you know to be his will. Maybe you don’t know the timing in which he wants to accomplish his will. But that doesn’t matter! Pray for it anyway.

Jeremiah 33 3 Meaning | God Wants Us To Do This

God doesn’t get angry at you for asking him to do the things he’s already determined to do. He doesn’t grow impatient with our pathetic cries. He doesn’t think little of our repeated appeals to him for what we know he wants to do.

Jeremiah 33 3 Meaning | Salvation of All Men

Just one example. You can think of others. Does God want to save all men? Yes, we do. God desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. Well, then pray for your lost family members and friends and government officials as if God wants to save them – because he does!

So, we know that God wants us to pray for his will to happen on earth from passages like Jeremiah 33:3.

Jeremiah 33 3 Meaning | Back to the Context

But in the immediate context, let’s recognize that this was the Lord speaking to Jeremiah and encouraging him to pray that God would continue to reveal the wonderful blessings that he planned to shower upon his people Israel in the Millennium.

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  1. Very good, we can call upon the lord always because he’s there to meet our needs according to his riches in glory. let us stand together as a nation to call upon him for our nation, the Lord can restore what the cankerworm has stolen from our Nation.

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