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Nehemiah 4 Sermon

Nehemiah 4 Sermon

Nehemiah 4 Sermon: Let’s think about what kind of writing the book of Nehemiah is. Nehemiah 4 Sermon | Narrative Style It’s a story or a narrative. And just like a well-written secular narrative, its author – ultimately God – desires to draw us into the story line. He wants us to identify with the characters. […]

Nehemiah 2:10 – 3:32

Nehemiah 2 10 - 3 32

We’re going to be studying Nehemiah 2:10 – 3:32. In this section I think we’ll see “How Godly Leaders Get God’s Work Accomplished.” The lessons we’ll learn apply not only to leaders like pastors, deacons, and missionaries. If you’re a Christian parent or a Christian peer with influence over other peers or if you’re involved at any […]

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