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Who Was Jeremiah’s Father?

Who Was Jeremiah’s Father

There’s a short answer to this question. The father of the prophet Jeremiah was a man named Hilkiah (Jeremiah 1:1).

But there’s a more involved answer to the question, “Who was Jeremiah’s father?”

Jeremiah 1 Summary

Jeremiah 1 Summary

This Jeremiah 1 summary contains a number of links to several fine articles that seek to explain the first chapter of this Old Testament prophetic book. Jeremiah 1 Summary | Father We begin by exploring who Jeremiah’s Father was. Jeremiah 1 Summary | Birth We then explore where Jeremiah was born. Jeremiah 1 Summary | Kings […]

A Summary of Jeremiah 36 – 52

Jeremiah 36 - 52 Summary

Jeremiah 36–45 | The Bitter End Now, I have labeled Jeremiah 36-45 as The Bitter End. What we have in these 10 chapters is generally chronological with a few flashbacks. And it details the temporary end of the nation of Judah’s occupation of the Promised Land at the hands of Babylon. Within this section I see […]

A Summary of Jeremiah 30 – 35

Jeremiah 30-35 Summary

Jeremiah 30–34:7 | Book of Encouragement And at this point — having summarized Jeremiah 1-6, 7-20, 21-26, and 27-29 — you need to admit that things are looking pretty bleak. Sin has brought God’s punishment and no one is getting out of this unscathed. But this is exactly where God nuances his tone a bit. In […]

A Summary of Jeremiah 27 – 29

Jeremiah 27-29 Summary

Jeremiah 27–28 | Submit to Babylon Jeremiah 27 and 28 deal more with Judah’s responsibility to submit to Babylon. Remember? That was God’s gracious provision for the people of Judah to not lose their lives for their disobedience. If they go out and surrender to Babylon, they were promised life. In Jeremiah 27 God tells Jeremiah to […]

A Summary of Jeremiah 21 – 26

Jeremiah 21-26 Summary

Jeremiah 21–23 | No Favor Without Repentance As we continue to summarize the various sections of Jeremiah, we notice that the next section spans Jeremiah 21-23. This is what God is communicating in this section – No Favor Without Repentance. King Zedekiah sends to Jeremiah requesting that God would help him defeat Nebuchadnezzar. God sends back […]

A Summary of Jeremiah 7 – 20

Jeremiah 7-20 Summary

Jeremiah 7–10 | Disobedience Outweighs External Devotion Jeremiah 7-10 have God proclaiming that Judah’s Disobedience Far Outweighs Their External Religious Devotion. God makes it clear to Judah through Jeremiah that he’s not interested in religious exercises without true obedience. He will destroy the Temple and exile Judah if they continue their unrepentant idolatry and falsehood. And […]

A Summary of Jeremiah 1 – 6

Jeremiah 1-6 Summary

I trust that if you’re reading this, you’re already convinced that the book of Jeremiah is worthy of our study. So now we’ll work to break up the book into its narrative units. And by the way the book of Jeremiah is notoriously difficult to break up into units. But here we go – giving my best to […]

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