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 As I pointed out before, after the death of Joshua, the people went right back to worshipping idols, ​ As I pointed out before, after the death of Joshua, the people went right back to worshipping idols, ​
-particularly,​ Baal and Ashteroth.  ​Just as loving father does, He allowed His children to suffer ​the  +particularly,​ Baal and Ashteroth.  ​This same series of cycles which took the Israelites in downward spiral was practiced repeatedly by the Israelites in the book of Judges.  ​Israel ​would become like the  
-consequences ​of their choices.  ​Once the consequences ​would kick in, the people ​would cry out to God for help.  ​Time after time they would turn their backs on God and return to their lives of wickedness.  ​However(this is what makes my heart sing)because of His covenant with Abraham, God would save His people +Canaanites and they would SIN against ​God.  ​God would allow them to be conquered and OPPRESSED by the  
-from their oppressors throughout ​the  ​+Canaanites and eventually the Israelites would see the error of their ways and REPENT.  ​God would then raise up a DELIVERER, a judge, who would defeat the enemy and then bring about an era of PEACE.  ​EventuallyIsrael would sin again and the cycle would start all over.  God always remembered his covenant 
 +with the people ​even though this behavior was oft repeated in the lives of the people. ​ 
 +Probably ​the most notable judge of all was Samson. ​ He came to Israel as a deliverer after almost 40 years of captivity by the Philistines. ​ He then led Israel for approximately 20 years as a judge. ​ He lost his life while he was a judge but it was because of his poor choices. ​  
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