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Job - An Introduction
Job of the Old Testament is the first book of the Poetry section. The events recorded in Job occurred during the time of the patriarchs (Geisler).


  1. The Places of Job
  2. The Structure of Job
  3. The People of Job
  4. The Sufferings of Job
  5. The Blessings of Job
  6. The God of Job
  7. Summary

Author: Geisler

We do not know who the author was. The gathering of the material could be by Moses. Here are some of the reasons. The book is Mosaic because it is said in his such a way. Second, “The theme of suffering fits with Moses' concern for the suffering Israelites in Egypt.” Third, Moses was meditating on how Israel was suffering in Egypt for forty years in the neighboring land where Job was living. Last, Israel's possession of the story was the interest of Moses.

The Places of Job
Job lived in Uz of Northern Arabia. His friends came from nearby countries. At the time, the Jews were in Egypt while Moses was in Midean (adjacent to Uz) (Geisler).

The Structure of Job
The book of Job has 42 chapters. The chapters can be broken down as follows (Geisler):

  1. Author - Suffering is pernicious (Satan is behind it) (Chap 1-2)
  2. Job - Suffering is a puzzle (sadistic attitude) (Chap 3, etc.)
  3. Friends - Suffering is penal (sin must be punished) (Chap 4-31)
  4. Elihu - Suffering purifies (shortcomings, occasion, pain) (Chap 32-37)
  5. God - Suffering is providentially allowed (sovereignty of God is the source) (Chap 38-42)

The People of Job
Following are the people of Job and their contribution to the story:

  • Job - the main character. Job was a righteous man who feared the God of Heaven.
  • Job's wife - the only woman to say something in the book of Job. She told Job to curse God and die.
  • Job's children - they were a blessing to Job. Job's children were killed by a storm in the early part of Job and as a result, Job tore his clothes, shaved his head and fell down and worshipped God. God later blessed Job with another ten children, thereby doubling Job's blessing.
  • Job's friends - they missed the point. When Job's friends saw Job's plight, they figured that he had sinned against God and that God was judging him for his wrong doing. They didn't understand this as being a spiritual battle against Satan and therefor were not able to council him correctly.
  • Job's God - the Righteous One and giver of life. He desires and deserves praise from His creation. He allow Satan to destroy Job's life
  • Satan - the perpetrator and destroyer. Satan went before God to accuse God that He wasn't playing fair (of course God was playing fair). God suggested that Satan consider God's servant Job only spare Job's life.

The Sufferings of Job
Job lost his oxen, asses and servants to the Sabeans. He lost his sheep and servants to the “fire of God”. He lost his camels and servants to the Chaldeans. He lost his sons and daughters to a great wind. Job lost his health (health of his bones and flesh) to Satan in the form of boils from head to toe.

The Blessings of Job
At the end of the trials of the book of Job, God blessed Job more than he had been blessed before. Job ended the book with seven sons and three daughters, 14,000 sheep, 6,000 camels, 1,000 yoke of oxen and a thousand she asses. His daughters were the fairest in the land. As well, he lived an additional 140 years.

The God of Job
God challenges Job's rebuttal by asking Job several questions as follows:

  • Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?
  • Have you perceived the breadth of the earth?
  • Where is the way that light dwells?
  • Where is the place of darkness?
  • What way is the light parted, which scatters the east wind on the earth?
  • Does the rain have a father, or who begat the drops of dew?
  • Will the person who contends with God instruct Him?
  • Can you catch leviathan with a hook, or his tongue with a chord?

We see God receive glory through the happenings of the book of Job. Even though Job appears to be the main character of the book of Job, the result of God getting glory through all of the circumstances and the life of Job proves paramount. Job appears as super-human because he endures his trials in a way that does not blame and criticize God. This to us may seem like such a great feat, and it is, but even greater is the fact that God is the provider (Satan is the destroyer) and in providing, God makes a way for a blessing for Job, something that Job cannot do for himself. God points out in His questions to Job that Job is human and finite whereas God is infinite and all powerful and all capable. And God reminds Job of this, not in a demeaning way, but in a very effective, meek way that helps Job change his attitude about what has happened so he is ready to receive the blessings of God.

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