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 ====== Problem Passages ​ ====== ====== Problem Passages ​ ======
 +Some debate has risen to how and when God created the world. Did God speak it in a twenty-four hour, six days like the Bible records? I believe the Bible, but here are some of the problems that people have:
 +  - //The age of earth and the geological record//. If you look at science, there is no way to age the earth in the six days the Bible records. Scientist say that the earth is 3-5 billion years old. This is dated using fossil records and the dating methods that scientists use. But, creationist argue that the earth is young, and the age is by special creation or a world-wide flood.
 +  - //​Evolution//​. Science claims that life has evolved over billions of years from a single cell. The Bible clearly records that man was made in the image of God. 
 +  -// Random mutation and natural selection.//​ Mutations are variations that the offspring have from their parents. Natural selection is like "​survival of the fittest"​. Creationists feel life is too complex for this to have happened, but scientists believe if over five billion years, this could happen.  ​
 +  - //The age of man.// Science claims that man is 2-3 billions years old. Creationists believe by studying Genesis, man is dated anywhere from 10,​000-20,​000 B.C. 
 ===== Additional Resources ===== ===== Additional Resources =====
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