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What does Job 21:1-4 Mean?

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asked Mar 16, 2018 in Job by plainplow (1,440 points)
What does Job mean in verses 1-4 of chapter 21? What is the point of what he's saying? How would you summarize it?

1 Answer

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answered Mar 16, 2018 by bible-answers (3,520 points)

In Job 21:1-4, Job has something substantial to say to these three friends of his right now. And so, he starts this chapter by demanding that these men listen to him.

KJV Job 21:1 But Job answered and said,

2 [Hear diligently/Listen carefully to] my [speech/words],
and let this be your consolations [i.e., that you offer me…].

So, he says “You want to console me? That’s why you came here? Well, then do just this one thing for me – listen to me!!!

3 [Suffer/Bear with] me [that/and] I may speak;
and after that I have spoken, mock on.

So, you can sense the sarcasm. He’s telling them that they can wait just a little while so that he can speak. And then after he speaks, he gives them permission to continue to mock him.

Obviously, Job doesn’t want them continuing to mock him. And so a command like this is to be taken as sarcasm. And that’s partly because these friends certainly wouldn’t think that what they were doing could be considered mocking. After all, they came to console. Not to mock.

And yet, their consolations to Job have been so pathetic that he declares that what they’re doing is nothing more than mocking.