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Did God forgive sin in the Old Testament?

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asked Aug 3, 2017 in Psalms by plainplow (1,440 points)
Did God forgive sin in the Old Testament? Do we have an example of it in the life of David?

1 Answer

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answered Aug 3, 2017 by bible-answers (3,520 points)

According to David in Psalm 32:1 not only are our sins forgiven or lifted – but they’re also covered.

What’s really interesting is that in Psalm 32:5 a few verses later David says that the way that God forgave his sin is when David stopped covering it – same word as in verse 1.

So, in fact, the only way that God covers your sin – hides your sin, as it were – is when you stop.

In other words, do you want God to hide your sin? Then stop trying to do it yourself.

You can’t. God can. And he only will when you stop trying.