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Month: February 2017

Jeremiah 45 5 Meaning

Jeremiah 45 5 Meaning

Jeremiah 45 5 MeaningFate of Baruch But then the Lord presents another fate. In verse 5 he promises a certain fate to Baruch. And he’s going to hear God promise him a fate that is in stark contrast to that of the destruction that’s coming to the world. Jeremiah 45 5 MeaningChange in Plans But […]

Jeremiah 45 Baruch

Jeremiah 45 Baruch

Jeremiah 45 Baruch: Let’s examine the subject of this message in Jeremiah 45. His name is Baruch. And we’ve seen him before. Jeremiah 45 BaruchWhat We’ve Already Seen He witnessed to Jeremiah’s signing of a deed. He wrote and then delivered a message from the prophet. He was accused of stirring Jeremiah up against the […]

Jeremiah 45 Commentary KJV Summary Sermon Baruch

Jeremiah 45 Commentary

Jeremiah 45 Commentary: As we enter Jeremiah chapter 45 we find ourselves at the end of the main section in Jeremiah that we’ve been recognizing as “The Bitter End of Judah.” That section started in chapter 36 and, as I say, ends here in chapter 45. We’ll re-cover some of the details from this main […]

Queen of Heaven – Bible, Jeremiah, Verse, Egypt, Goddess, Old Testament

Queen of Heaven - Bible, Jeremiah, Verse, Egypt, Goddess, Old Testament

This false deity known as the Queen of Heaven is referred to only in the book of Jeremiah. Four times her name appears in Jeremiah 44 and then once she’s spoken of in Jeremiah 7. Let’s look at Jeremiah 7:16-20 to remind us of what God has already said of her there. KJV Jeremiah 7:16 ¶ Therefore pray […]

Jeremiah 44 KJV Commentary Bible Summary Explanation Queen of Heaven

Jeremiah 44 KJV

In Jeremiah 44 we’re going to hear the last words (chronologically in this book) of the people, of Jeremiah, and of God. God: Jews in Egypt Will Be Punished| 1-14 To begin, in verses 1-14 the Lord has a message to his people who disobeyed him by fleeing Judah and instead going to live in […]

Jeremiah 43 Commentary, KJV, Summary, Explain, Sermon

Jeremiah 43 Commentary

In Jeremiah 43 we see a very familiar pattern unfolding once more in this book. That pattern is — the people disobeying and as a consequence, the Lord threatens to punish them. But let’s back up and see where we’ve been and how we got to this point in the book of Jeremiah. At the […]

Jeremiah 42 Commentary

Jeremiah 42 Commentary

Jeremiah 42. Here we are in the 42nd chapter of the Old Testament book of Jeremiah. We’re in the midst of a “fiasco” – “a thing that is a complete failure, especially in a ludicrous or humiliating way.” This started in Jeremiah 40 and will end in Jeremiah 43. This fiasco — as we’ve seen […]

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