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Month: July 2015

Ecclesiastes 7 Commentary Summary

Ecclesiastes 7 Commentary

Enjoy this Ecclesiastes 7 Commentary! The value of difficult things over pleasant things So, in Ecclesiastes 7:1-14, the Preacher talks to us about the value of difficult things over pleasant things. We might notice that our life seems to be filled with difficult things – difficult people, difficult situations, problems that are over our head, etc. And […]

Ecclesiastes 6 Commentary Summary Meaning Explained

Ecclesiastes 6 Commentary

We’re starting in Ecclesiastes 6:1 for this Ecclesiastes 6 Commentary. But in order to get the significance of that verse and the section it’s in, we need to back up just a little. In Ecclesiastes 5 we learned that for those to whom God has given riches and wealth, he’s also given the ability to eat from those things. […]

Ecclesiastes 5 Summary Commentary

Ecclesiastes 5 Summary

Enjoy this Ecclesiastes 5 summary! Relating to God So, let’s get to thinking about God – seeing as nothing is worth anything apart from him. And the Preacher wants to help you do that. So, Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 he’s going to tell us about how we should relate to God. And throughout these 7 verses we’ll […]

Ecclesiastes 4 Commentary

Ecclesiastes 4 Commentary

In Ecclesiastes 4 and 5 the Preacher wants to talk to us about the following subjects: 1) Oppression, 2) Work, 3) Companionship, 4) Wisdom, 5) God, 6) Riches, and 7) Enjoying life.

Ecclesiastes 3 Meaning Commentary

Ecclesiastes 3 Meaning

Now, as we move on to chapter 3 for our Ecclesiastes 3 Meaning article, it seems like God gets back out of the picture again. He isn’t mentioned in the first 8 verses. And yet I think the message of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is still fairly positive. In these verses we see time viewed from a […]

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