Ecclesiastes 2 Commentary Summary

Ecclesiastes 2 Commentary

Welcome to this Ecclesiastes 2 Commentary! Based on how we finished Ecclesiastes 1, we might think – Ah! What about wealth and pleasure? Good times! Let’s explore that possibility in Ecclesiastes 2:1-11. Summary So, Qoheleth gives his summary in advance of what he found when he sought meaning in wealth in Ecclesiastes 2:1. Mirth and pleasure –… Continue reading Ecclesiastes 2 Commentary Summary

Psalm 20 Meaning

Psalm 20 Meaning
Explaining the Book
Psalm 20 Meaning

Let’s consider Psalm 20 meaning. Psalm 20 is a very positive, upbeat kind of psalm – even though it shares some characteristics with lament psalms. And typically – as you know – lament psalms aren’t really upbeat. But this one is. Psalm 20 MeaningMy Experience In fact, I can recall a time when I was… Continue reading Psalm 20 Meaning

Ecclesiastes 1 Meaning Commentary Summary

Ecclesiastes 1 Meaning

Ecclesiastes 1 Commentary: First of all, let’s discover what the message of the book of Ecclesiastes is. What is the book about in a nutshell? Everything is Meaningless Let’s look at what the text says. How’s this for a cheery optimistic start in Ecclesiastes 1:2? Vanity of vanities! Vanity of vanities. All is vanity. Wait, vanity? Yes. Breath.… Continue reading Ecclesiastes 1 Meaning Commentary Summary